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Jonathan Paul has led the development of Fitover sunglasses for over 25 years


What are Fit Over Sunglasses? || Fitovers are sunglasses designed to “fit over” your prescription eye wear and is a style of sunglasses that originated with Jonathan Paul® in Australia over 25 years ago. (Read More: How Jonathan Paul Fitover Sunglasses Compare to Prescription Sunglass, Clip-Ons & Photochromic Lenses)

A solution to the intense Australian sun, Fitovers are effective, comfortable and affordable which offer a fashionable and functional fit to those looking for sunglasses that will work with their existing prescription frames.

Jonathan Paul® continually designs the finest sunglasses designed to fit over prescription eyewear. Maintaining our original emphasis on comfort, quality and visual performance, we utilize state-of-the-art frame and lens technologies to provide modern prescription frame wearers with a fit over sunglass that meets the needs of their frame styles and their lifestyles. (Technology — Learn More About Jonathan Paul’s Premium Frames & Polarized Sunglass Lenses )

As the originator of this unique sunwear style, we continue to be the innovative market leader in the evolution of style and performance in the realm of sunglasses designed to fit over prescription eyewear. Often imitated but never duplicated, Jonathan Paul® Fitovers has the most colors and styles, the highest quality materials and the best reputation over any competitor. Simply the best sunglasses that go over glasses!